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সানওয়া এনালগ YX360TRF মিটার বডি
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Items Specification
Drop shock proof A taut-band structure is adopted in the meter part.The meter part is designed to withstand shock.
Circuit protection The circuit is protected by fuse even when voltage of upto AC 230V is impressed on each range for 5 seconds.
Internal battery R6 (IEC) or UM-3 1.5V X 2
Internal fuse F500mAH/250V Ø5.2 X 20mm Fast acting fuse
Operating temperatureand humidity range 5 ~ 31˚C, 80%RH max.31< ~ 40˚C, 80 ~ 50%RH (decreasing linearly)
Storage temperature/Humidity -10 ~ 50˚C 70%RH max. No condensation
Withstand voltage 6kV AC (1min.) between input terminal and case
Dimensions and weight 159.5 X 129 X 41.5 mm/ approx. 320g
Accessories Instruction manual 1, Hand strap 1

মেজারমেন্ট রেঞ্জ এবং একুরেসিঃ

Function Full scale value Accuracy Remarks
DCV 0.1 ±5% againstfull scale Input impedance 20k1/V
0.25/2.5/10/50 ±3% againstfull scale
250/1000 ±3% againstfull scale Input impedance 9k1/V
DCV(NULL) ±5/±25 ±5% againstfull scale Input impedance 40k1/V
ACV 10/50/250/750 ±4% againstfull scale Input impedance 9k1/V30Hz ~ 100kHz within±3% f.s. (AC10V range)
DCA 50μ ±3% againstfull scale Voltage drop 0.1V ( Not including the resistance of fuse.)
2.5m/25m/0.25 ±3% againstfull scale Voltage drop 0.25V ( Not including the resistance of fuse.)
ohm 2k/20k/200k/2M(X1/X10/X100/X1K) ±3% of arc Center value 20ΩMax. value 2kΩRelease voltage 3V
200M(X100K) ±5% of arc
C 10µF Approximate Value The maximum value when the pointer was moved bycharged current in the capacitor.
dB -10dB ~+22dB(for 10VAC)~+62dB Approximate Value Input impedance 9kΩ/V
LI 0 ~ 150mA at X1 range0 ~ 15mA at X10 range0 ~ 1.5mA at X100 range0 ~ 150 μA at X1K range0 ~ 1.5 μA at X100K range Approximate Value Current across test pins
Use the optional probe
HV (DChigh volt) DC25kV HV-10T probe
hFE 1000 atX10 range HFE-6T probe